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Website Design

Whether you’ve never had a website or have one that you’d like to update, we can meet your needs. We’ll help you select the platform and add-ons that best match your goals, skills and budget, and stay with you until you’re able to manage it on your own. You’ll find that we’re a lot less expensive than other Oklahoma design and marketing firms, but we deliver a high-quality product and service.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is what distinguishes us from most other Oklahoma website design and digital marketing firms. We specialize in many sub-disciplines of SEO, including: local SEO, technical SEO, and on-page SEO. Contact us today for a free 3-point audit on things you can do to immediately improve your existing site’s SEO status!

Website Migration

We’re experienced in migrating sites from outdated or proprietary platforms to more mainstream ones like WordPress, Wix, Shopify and Squarespace, or from one of the mainstream platforms to another. As we work with you to plan your migration, we’ll ensure that existing URLs in the major search engine indexes are properly redirected, and that your new site meets best practices for design, accessibility, and SEO.

Web Analytics

As a website design or SEO client, you’ll be provided with detailed analytics on how your website compares to the competition: both what you think your competition is, and what the search engines think your competition is. They’re usually not the same!

Web Accessibility

For SEO and marketing purposes, it’s essential that your website structure and content be accessible to everyone regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities. But it’s also just the right thing to do! Whether we’re building a website for you or helping you write content that improves your search engine discoverability, we always apply the current best practices for accessibility.

Digital Marketing

We handle all aspects of digital marketing, including social media campaigns and search engine advertising and the associated analytics. We also partner with Back To You Marketing for traditional print and digital marketing services if your account requires additional attention.

Copywriting / Copyediting

We can make your website content, marketing and ad copy shine and lead to conversions! But if you don’t have much content to work with and need more in-depth copywriting, we can connect you with experienced professionals with a proven track record.

Digital Repositories

In a former career, David managed specialized platforms called repositories that are used by institutions to preserve content forever. He’s deeply skilled in managing DSpace and familiar with Fedora, Islandora and similar platforms, and in performing academic SEO. Whether you need help with your existing platform or consultation on your repository project, we can help or can connect you with experts in the field.

Online Journal Publishing

Also in a former career, David helped scholars with all aspects of launching academic journals using the OJS platform, but is also familiar with other platforms as well as more commercial magazine plugins for content management systems like WordPress. Whether you’re in academia or small business, reach out to us if you’d like a free consultation on starting a journal for your area of expertise so that others can learn more about it.


We’ve got decades of experience managing almost every aspect of technology, and actively teach about current technologies at a major university. Whether you need training or consultation on your website, understanding SEO, project management, or simply using office technologies to manage your small business, we can help or can connect you to someone else in our wide network.


Don’t see your specific need in our list of services? As you can tell, we have many skills and connections and may still be able to help, so please contact us for a free consultation!